Adelaide's Friendliest and Least Disruptive Test and Tag Company!

Staying Compliant with Testing and Tagging Shouldn't Stop Your Business in it's Tracks!

We have refined systems for working in a wide range of settings. 

We take pride in having dedicated systems in place for conducting test and tag services in any circumstance or environment. We understand that each business is unique, but there are often similarities between industries in the way that we can provide the least disruptive test and tag service!​

We Believe Testing and Tagging Shouldn't Be Disruptive 

Compliance and safety should not come at the cost of inconvenience, business interruption or and form of disruption to your day to day work schedule. 

Each and every one of our Technicians know that their job is to make it a pain free and hassle free process for all of our customers.

We have dedicated processes in place that are designed to allow our team members to work around your existing schedules, staff and environment. 

Our customers don't keep having us come back again and again because they have to, they keep choosing Asset Test and Tag because they know that when it comes to staying compliant we have their best interests at heart and will work around any situation necessary to make sure their business keeps going!

Remembering to Test and Tag Shouldn't Be Only YOUR Responsibility

We always make sure that when our customers are due for retesting again, that they are warned well in advance. The last thing that any business needs is to accidentally become noncompliant without realising it.

Our systems give us an alert when your tags are about to expire, which allows us to arrange a time with you that is convenient to have us come out and keep your testing up to date.

We never realised that this would be so rare in our industry, but we constantly have new customers let us know that this is a standout service they had not experienced before.

A Family Business Providing Testing and Tagging Here in Adelaide

When a business takes a strong stand on friendly and reliable customer service, it will inevitably grow. As Asset Test and Tag grew, the founder John Jones knew that he needed to find someone who shared the same values and dedication to getting the job done as painlessly as possible. 

With that in mind, John decided to bring his son Brenton into the company, and Asset Test and Tag became a family business.

As we continue to grow we have introduced Chris and Cameron to the team allowed John to keep up with the growing demand of businesses that want all of their Testing and Tagging done by the friendliest and least disruptive company in Adelaide!


We are your partners in electrical compliance, not just another service provider!