Testing and Tagging for Hospitality and Retail

The last thing you want is a surly or grumpy tester coming into your store and being disruptive.

We know this, you know this. Your brand's reputation is built upon creating a vibrant and friendly atmosphere for your customers. Our reputation is built upon helping businesses remain compliant, keep their staff and customers safe, but not have to experience any real interruption to your day.

We pride ourselves on being Adelaide's all round friendliest test and tag company. 

We Test, Tag and Report On All Assets 

We understand that you will have a mix between items that are out the back or away from the customers, as well as items that will be out the front in the main service delivery area. We work with you and your staff to make sure that we are testing in the least disruptive way possible. 

After we do a visual inspection, and a series of electrical tests, from there we attach either a Pass or a Fail tag to the item. We immediately let your designated staff member know about any fails.

We then create a report outlining all of the test results and email this through to you to hold onto. This report helps you keep up to date with your Work Health and Safety Compliance, as well as providing a record of how many items you have had tested, and when you will need them tested again.

Copies of these reports remain available to you for 7 years.​

We Keep an Eye Out For Any Other Hazards

While we are under benches disconnecting your appliances so they can be tested, we may occasionally find other issues. For example, leaking pipes in a cupboard next to electrical equipment. We will always report to you if we encounter anything like this.

When you are trying to keep the safest and healthiest workplace possible, it is always useful to know that there is another set of proactive eyes that are keeping track of the general safety and any hazards within your building. ​

We Carry Common Spares and Can Do Small Fixes

Nothing is more annoying than hitting a busy period in service, and then realising that a key piece of equipment is out of action unexpectedly.

We understand this all too well, and for that reason we go above and beyond the call of duty by keeping a good stock of common spare accessories that may be needed. Such as powerboards, RCD's, extension leads and so on.

Not only that, we can also replace leads on any appliances that need it, and take on other minor repair as needed. 

We Don’t Let Your Next Test Period Sneak Up On You

Even though we leave you with comprehensive records outlining when your next test and tag will be due, we still don't leave you out on your own and having to remember a date that may not be for another 12 months again.

We stay in touch with our clients and let them know well in advance of when they are next due for their testing and tagging. Its just one less thing that you have to try and stay on top of!