Testing and Tagging for Industrial and Manufacturing Businesses

The last thing you want is for someone to come into your workshop or factory, and just get in the way. We know this, you know this. 

Half of our clients are in the industrial and manufacturing sector, so we know a thing or two about working in with existing production schedules. If there are no alternatives we can even come in after hours or weekends to make sure that you don't have to come to a grinding halt whilst we keep you compliant with WHS regulations. 

We pride ourselves on being Adelaide's least disruptive testing ad tagging company!


We Test, Tag and Report On All Your Portable Electrical Assets

Running some serious machinery? Not a problem, we come fully equipped and ready to test and tag your fixed wired RCD's and, single phase and three phase portable appliances.  

We run through our thouough visual inspection to make sure that none of the leads or casings on your tools and equipment have been damaged already. After the visual test we run it and a series of electrical tests, and come back with either a pass or fail. Any passes are tagged as appropriate, and any fails are tagged and then removed from service. If something fails, we will always let you know straight away, and see what we can do about getting it either fixed or replaced there and then.

We then provide you with all your compliance documentation, including your full asset list, the outcome of each test, the next testing period and any other notes that we have made. We also hold onto these records and keep them available to you for a full 7 year period. 

We Let You Know If We See Any Other Hazards

Work Health Safety compliance is a full spectrum job, and we all play our role. We are never going to just not mention something to you if we think it poses a significant hazard or risk. 

Likewise, if we notice that some maintenance is going to be needed anywhere we will let you know. 

We may be here primarily to test and tag, but we are also going to keep a general look out for you to help stay safe and compliant.

Repairs and Replacements Are Just Part of The Service

We're not going to walk in, fail items and then just leave you high and dry. We keep our van stocked with plenty of spare parts and basic equipment such as leads and power boards.

We can take out small repairs and fixes right there and then, meaning less interruptions to your business.

Our main goal is to make compliance and WHS matters as easy and seamless for you to stay on top of as possible. It should never be inconvenient to be safe and sure.

We Stay on Top of Your Testing and Tagging Schedule

The regulations behind testing periods for various appliances in a factory or workshop setting can be just another annoyance for a busy manager to stay on top of. When you use Asset Test and Tag, this is no longer your problem.

We keep a dedicated record of every appliance you have, and when it is going to be up for testing again. We will contact you well before the tag expires, and arrange a time that suits you to get the retesting completed.