Testing and Tagging for Offices

It may feel like a colossal task to have someone come in and do absolutely every appliance in your office all at once. Like any large task, it takes coordination and experience to make sure that it is completed quickly and efficiently with minimal disturbance to your normal work flow. 

Whether it be coming in after hours to make sure that your server or communication equipment is not shut down during business hours, or simply making sure that your tester and tagger is friendly and polite, Asset Test and Tag has you covered.

We pride ourselves on being Adelaide's all round friendliest test and tag company. 

We Test, Tag and Report On All Your Portable Electrical Assets in Your Office 

When you start tallying up every appliance in your office, it starts to add up rather quickly. From your individual work station appliances through to your main support appliances such as printers and servers, you can count on us to break the task down to the most efficient and least disruptive process possible. 

First we do a visual inspection on each appliance. This is then followed up with a series of electrical tests, from there we attach either a Pass or a Fail tag to the item. We immediately let your designated staff member know about any fails.

At the end of the job we present you with a comprehensive Appliance Register which is WHS compliant, outlining all tested Appliance IDs, Description, and Pass/Fail Status, Test and Retest dates. We keep copies available for 7 years.

We Alert You To Any Other Hazards We Notice

If we see something that doesn't seem right, or that seems potentially dangerous, we will always let you know.

We also will always make sure to let you know if there are any general maintenance issues that you should look into. After all, we may be the only one who has climbed into some of those office nooks and crannies in a long time!

We Carry Common Spares and Can Do Small Fixes

Imagine hitting print on an important document, only to find that the power board the printer was plugged into had failed its test, been discarded and then not replaced immediately. It may sound trivial or as though it surely wouldn't happen, but it certainly does! We have had some clients tremendously surprised to see that we have proactively replaced failed items for them so that the office continues to operate.

If a lead that an appliance is plugged into fails the test, we will always attach another lead. There is absolutely no reason your office should be inconvenienced due to the test and tag process!

To us these little things seem just that, little. However, we have been told that it is these little things that keeps people coming back to Asset Test and Tag again and again.

We Don’t Let Your Next Test Period Sneak Up On You

If you're in a similar boat to many, you already have an over flowing calendar and a to do list that never seems to end. It can be all too easy for any organisation to overlook the scheduling of their next test and tag.

It is for this reason that we will always be the ones that remember when your tags are due for replacement, and our friendly staff will contact you with plenty of time spare to arrange the next test and keep you compliant.