Testing and Tagging for Homes

Frequently we find that businesses test and tag because they have to. What many people often seem to forget is that businesses must test and tag because it is a safety concern.

With this in mind, more and more people are choosing to have their homes tested and tagged. 

It may not be a regulatory requirement like it is for businesses, but it is still a great idea to know that all the electrical appliances that are in your home are safe for your family to be around!

We Test, Tag and Report On All Items 

Our friendly tester and tagger can come out to your home and make sure that all your portable appliance are safe.

We start with a visual inspection of the items, making sure that there is no damage or wear and tear. After that we run a series of electrical tests,, making sure that they are safe on the inside also.

We then let you know which items are safe and which are not, and we remove from service any items that have failed. We write this all up in a  report for you to hold onto along with recommendations of when you should get it all tested again. 

We Keep an Eye Out For Other Risks and Hazards

If you have a tester and tagger out to check household items, it’s because you already care about the safety of your home. In that spirit, we will let you know if we see any other hazards or risks that we think you should have a closer look at.

We love going above and beyond for our clients, and it is all just part of the service that we offer. 

We Fix or Replace Most Failed Items

Typically the types of fails that you will see in a home are small appliances that are easily fixed or replaced, as well as power boards and extension cords. We have a good collection of high quality leads and power boards with us at all times, meaning a fail doesn't always mean a trip up to the shops.

Likewise, we have all the equipment needed to replace leads on your electrical goods. No need to have a repairman come out already, we are all set and ready to go in keeping your electrical appliances running.

We Make Suggestions of When You May Want to Test Again

Whilst testing periods for a business are mandated by legislation, currently this is not the case for homes. Never the less, it is still advisable to stay on top of your testing and tagging.

Most items you would expect to find in a home would be on either a 12 month or 24 month testing schedule. We will discuss with you when the best time to test would be, and then be the ones to remember when that date comes up again!