Testing and Tagging for Tradies

Your power tools are extremely important for you to be able to get the job done. We make sure that not only are you safe whilst working with them, but that you are also compliant under the Work Health Safety legislation for Testing & Tagging of electrical appliances.

At the end of the day, compliance can seem like a frustrating thing, but you know as well as we do that causing an injury on a job, or getting a large fine is far worse than having one of our friendly testers pay you a visit.

We don’t hold you up, we just get it done so that you can get back to the job at hand.

We Test, Tag and Report On All Your Portable Electrical Appliances, Not Just Tools

After we run through our visual inspection, we conduct and a series of electrical tests,, we place either a Pass or a Fail tag on the item. Any items that are failed are removed from service immediately, and we will let you know immediately.

We then create a report outlining all of the test results and email this through to you to hold onto. This report helps you keep up to date with your Work Health and Safety Compliance, as well as providing a record of how many items you have had tested, and when you will need them tested again.

Copies of these reports remain available to you for 7 years.​

We Fix or Replace Most Failed Items

Typically the common types of fails that we encounter for Tradies are leads, RCD's and in particular leads on power tools. We have a good collection of high quality extension leads and power boards with us at all times, meaning a fail doesn't stop you in your tracks.

Likewise, we have all the equipment needed to replace damaged leads on your tools. No need to have an electrician come out to replace those leads.

We Can Come to You, Or You Can Come to Us to Save on Costs

When you know you are only getting a few tools tested and tagged we understand that you probably don’t want to have to pay for our minimum call out fee to have us come and see you.

For this reason, we are more than happy for tradies to come to us and have their testing and tagging completed at a much better rate than if we had come to you.

Simply give us a call and we will let you know where we are, and where we are scheduled to be throughout the week.

We Carry Common Spares and Can Do Small Fixes

We understand that if an item fails its test it can often be a very inconvenient experience. With this in mind, we always carry common spare parts that are needed to either replace or repair your failed items.

When you need to get the job done with minimal interruptions, the last thing you want is to have to run up to the shops yourself just to buy something as simple as a RCD, an extension cable, or a power board!

If the lead on one of your power tools fails its test, we will have a new lead attached to it right there and then, we will never leave you stranded on a job with no way to power your tools.

We Don’t Let Your Next Test Period Sneak Up On You

Just as we leave you with records of when you items will be due for testing again, we keep those records also. This way, we will be able to let you know when you are about to be due to re-test and tag again.

Having a phone call or email from us as a heads up can be a lot better than being told you can’t go onsite due to your expired appliance labels!