Testing and Tagging for Medical & Allied Health Practices

We have great experience in working within the Medical and Allied Health practices. The last thing you want is to have someone come in and have no idea how to proceed with a more complicated electrical appliance than the average office may have.

We also understand that there is often a higher degree of privacy needed within your practice, which is why we offer an out of hours service. By being available outside of standard business hours', we know that we can be as least disruptive as physically possible.

We pride ourselves on being Adelaide's all round friendliest test and tag company. 

We Test, Tag and Report On All Your Portable Electrical Assets  

We are fully trained and certified. Covering fixed wired RCD's and, single phase and three phase portable appliances.

First we run through a visual inspection of the appliance, making sure that there is no damage or wear and tear on leads and casings. Next we run each and a series of electrical tests,. From here we either pass or fail the item and apply the tag as needed, removing any fails from service immediately and informing the designated staff member.

From here we generate a comprehensive report, describing each appliance, its ID, whether it passed or failed, its test and retest dates. This report is Work Health and Safety compliant and is available to you for the full 7 years that it must be kept.

We Identify Any Other Potential Hazards

During the testing and tagging process we are often go to places your staff don’t normally go, leaving us with a unique opportunity to notice and report on any other potential hazards or maintenance tasks that you may need to attend to.

We love going above and beyond for our clients, and it is all just part of the service that we offer. 

We Keep Spare Parts for Repairs and Replacements

When ensuring that a business is remaining safe and compliant, we also keep in mind the importance of keeping the business operating! The last thing we want to do is to fail something and then have you disrupted as you send staff to the shops to buy leads or powerboards etc.

We also have everything with us to allow us to quickly and easily replace leads on any other items that fail the test. No need to arrange for an electrician to come out, we are already there and ready to fix any issues.

We don't believe that our job is done the moment the tag is in place, our job is done when we have helped you seamlessly meet your WHS and compliance needs without major disruption!

We Don't Leave it Up To You To Have To Remember Your Testing & Tagging

Running any business comes with a full suite of responsibilities that need to be watched over, we like to lighten our clients load just a little. We will be the ones that remind you when your next testing period is about due.

One of our friendly staff will contact you well before the actual tag expiry date, and arrange a suitable time for us to come out and ensure that you remain compliant and safe.