Adelaide's Friendliest and Least Disruptive Electrical Testers and Taggers

Founded by John Jones, Asset Test and Tag has one goal and purpose: To provide a superior level of service in the Testing and Tagging industry here in Adelaide.

Yes, we know that this is what every body else tells you, so let us explain a few of the key differences that make Asset Test and Tag different to the average Electrical Testing and Tagging company here in Adelaide

We Don't Just Test and Tag, We Provide Minor Repairs and Replacements Also

If we find a supply lead or power board that fails the test, we can often make minor repairs or provide replacements right there and then. This means less disruption to your business and day to day work schedules.

We are Friendly, Punctual and Clean Up After Ourselves

Yes, we’re from the old school. So we’ll always arrive when we say we will and we’ll always leave things as we found them when we’re finished. As for the friendly bit, well you’ll just have to phone us to find out!

Less Disruption, More Consideration

​It’s a fact of life that if we’re working in a busy office, we may get in the way a little. Computers may have to be turned off briefly or the kitchen may be out of action for a short period. But we will always do our utmost to check in with each person first to try to work around their schedule as best as we can.

We Keep In Touch, Helping You to Stay Compliant

You may not realise that it’s not enough to test your electrical equipment once only. The law requires businesses to check equipment periodically. The length of time varies according to the equipment and where it is used. But you don’t need to worry too much because we’ll be in touch before your next testing is due and make arrangement to come and see you again.

We Go Beyond the Minimum Qualification

John’s background is in electrical engineering, so when you bring Asset Test and Tag in you know you are dealing with experts. Your safety and compliance will not sit in the hands of someone who only has a basic understanding of electricity.

Fully Insured and Police Checked

In this day and age there is no excuse for any contractor to not have their insurance organised; and a recent up to date police clearance. When you have us enter your place of work you have a right to know that we have been vetted and backed up by insurance!

We Invest in the Best Technology and Tools

Whether it is our wireless testing equipment and printers, or our database that generates reports and notifications of testing periods coming up, you can know that we are as efficient as possible.

How does it help you that we can test tag print and report faster than the average company? It’s pretty simple, we are in your business for a shorter period of time.

Sometimes we get a job done so fast and painlessly, the staff onsite didn’t even realise that we have been through already!